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Hi everyone, I’m Courtney and welcome to my world, my passion… Pilates and all things Holistic Health.
I’d love to share with you a little of how The Pilates Vault came to be and why I LOVE working with the community.
My mum tells me as soon as I could walk I started dancing, however I personally remember my first dance class at the age of 3… and I was hooked from the first step. Adding Gymnastics from the age of 6 my destiny in the world of physical activity was set and i never looked back. I spent decades as a dancer and gymnast, later became a professional Latin and salsa dancer where i taught and performed all over Sydney. As fate would have it, I was introduced to Pilates after sustaining a life changing lower back injury in my early 20’s. I was told I would never dance again! This however resulted in something magical...  a true passionate Pilates instructor was born.

“My Passion is to help others feel Empowered, motivated & Inspired. I'm all about balancing the mind, body and soul through a holistic lifestyle. No deprivation! Just everything in moderation.”

So as you can imagine I discovered immense appreciation for the struggles, pain and frustration of not being physically able to do simple tasks and enjoy life. I recovered in time and with a new outlook and sheer determination to move free again I end up studying countless modalities and acquired numerous certificates including Mat Pilates, Reformer, Yoga, Zumba, Clinical Studio Pilates to name a few. I went on to Specialise in rehab, injury management and pre/post natal. 
Although through it all I came to realise that physical fitness isn't everything and a holistic approach with a positive mindset really is the key to success!

I have always felt spiritually connected and have a very intuitive side to my personality. So once I really started my healing journey I knew I was being called to help others heal in deeper ways too. I started to formally broadened my intuitive skills and become a Reiki energy healer and qualified Holistic Counsellor. Learning how to holistically love, care, respect and heal a body was the basis to share, enlighten and empower others to understand and enhancing their mind body and soul.
Having been in the industry for almost 20 years now, I have worked with thousands of clients in all sorts of settings… and I can honestly say with confidence, conviction and certainty that Pilates is for EVERYONE! Holistic practices are key and combining them really are Transformative. 


My personal focus as an Instructor and holistic healer, is ensuring you get the most out of every session to help create sustainable and lasting change with your physical and mental health. 
Regardless of your age, gender or aliments, there is something in The Vault for you! So if you want to feel stronger, healthier, happier and transform from the inside out…  The Pilates Vault welcomes you with open arms! 
So please feel free to reach out, come join the community and start YOUR healing journey today! 

Courtney  xx 

Pilates Home Workouts

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body". Joseph Pilates



Want to really transform your mind and body?
Work exclusively with Courtney, offering you the chance to create serious change and ignite your health journey.

Offering Reformer, Studio & Mat Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Fitness, Holistic Health and Reiki Energy Healing. 

Each Transformative Session includes any combination of Pilates, yoga, fitness, stretch as well as Reiki healing & holistic health overview all in the one session. So why not give yourself what you deserve and try a transformative session today!

1-1 Private Pilates studio session, or grab a friend and do a group studio session (max of 3ppl). Workout with a Trapeze table, reformer, chair, vibration platform, spring board, barrel and small equipment. 

Need some healing and self care? why not do a Reiki healing or holistic wellbeing session to realign, balance and shift those energies and trapped emotions. 


ROBYN N. Senior Dance Fit Instructor & Mum

Courtney is very experienced Pilates instructor. She helped rehabilitate me in studio after a hip replacement as well as saved me from potential back surgery. Her online classes kept me in shape throughout the lock downs and thankfully got me back to work pain free again. Her sessions online are so easy to follow as she explains each movement in way all participants can follow. Each of her sessions are designed to cater for all ages and all levels of fitness. With an emphasis on injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. I highly recommend Courtney to anyone who is looking for an online Pilates, injury rehab or studio based Pilates. 

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